About Jeffrey

I am a writer, poet, philosopher, graphic artist, entrepreneur and a certified Law of Attraction life coach.

My passion and path of becoming a Life Coach is just beginning and I am inviting all those who are interested in taking the first step toward recreating happiness, freedom and well being in their lives to contact me and discover how to increase your happiness level. Life coaching is all about providing advice and support to those who wish to improve their lives. I can help you solve problems, answer questions and achieve those goals that seem to be just out of reach.

Where are you on a scale of 1-10 with your spiritual self, your physical self, and your financial, career, emotional, mental and social aspects of yourself? How about relationships? What will it feel like to be a 10 in these areas of your life? What will you feel when you are a 10? What will you do when you are at a 10? Answering these questions is just the beginning of your new journey into imagining and realizing your potential. This is about optimal living. It is up to all of us to understand that we are responsible for our own happiness and that it takes a deliberate effort and inspired action to learn to create this understanding. In other words, this purposeful way of life can be learned through the coaching experience.

With the techniques and processes that I have learned we can start to recreate the innate right everyone has to experience and live with happiness. Please contact me and we can continue the conversation…

Just leave your name and email address along with a short message on the Contact Me page and I will connect with you asap.Thanks again!


Jeff Jett is a wonderful, honest coach and person of integrity.
He is an instrument that has encouraged, challenged, and inspired me to become whom I am today.
Through patience and understanding during the coaching sessions, I was able to resolve a lot of issues and as a result, thrive.
The tools given to me are what I continue to use daily to keep me living at the highest level.
For this, I am forever grateful.

~ Jackee G.

Working with Jeff is truly amazing.  His energy is incredibly uplifting and always positive.  Jeff is always present, and actively listens.  When talking with him, I know I’m being heard.  I was struggling with some conflict in relationships with my friends and family, and was suffering through self-doubts and insecurities as a result. Jeff taught me some great tools and Law of Attraction processes.  Using them, I was able to work through my grief over the loss of those relationships, and refocus my attention back to  on how special and unique I am and the gifts I want to share with my clients. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Jeff!

Jen H.